What is a MeDGuest Program ?

Types Medical Travellers

Welcome to Medguest, a free concierge hotel reservation service catering to both patients and staffs visiting your facility. We help your temp staffs, visiting staffs, seminar attendee, interns find short term places to stay that meets specific needs such as safety, price and being near your facility. Call today or have your guest call or book on our website local hotels at discounts rate.

Emergency Stay
Visiting Staffs
Temp Staffs
Conference Attendee


Staff booking

At Medguest, we realize you have specific needs, safety, price and being near your facility. We designed a program to help you book local hotel that meet your standard and offer discounts rate. The programs best for:-


Emergency Stay

In order to provide care to patients, it is vital that enough staff meet the needs of patients, regardless of the weather. We help employees who live long distances from the medical center make arrangements for sleeping accommodations.


Visiting Staffs

Medguest has agreements with local hotels to offer visiting faculty, staff and students lodging options during their stay. To reserve a room for short-term lodging (less than one year); please do so online or contact us by phone.

Temp Stay

Medguest provides a Short Term Lodging references to Doctors, Nurses, conference attendees, students who need temporary lodging. Please make your lodging arrangements as far in advance as possible because some hotels tend to be busy.

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Do I have to be a member to participate?

No, but you have to signup and create a user profile.

What is the process to get a recommendation?
Is it free?
What standard does hotel have to meet to be recommended?
Can a hotel delisted if they don’t meet the standard.
Does per diem rate apply?
Do I pay when a room is hold?
Is there a cancellation fee?
How much is the cancellation fee?
Can I change a hotel after booking?
Can I book more then ten rooms?
Are rates Guaranteed?