Hotel BPA Form

What is a MeDGuest Program ?

Becoming a Lodging Providing

MeDGuest BPA program provide hotels and motels the opportunity to get recommendation from medical guests looking for places to stay locally. The program provide your hotel a steady stream of medical customers booking directly online or on the phone. The benefits of becoming a MeDGuest provider includes the following.

Simple booking
Simple Billing
Free Advertisement

How to become a Medical guest accommodation provider

1. You offer discounted rate and dedicated rooms:

An Authorized Representative complete a BPA application form providing a fixed discount percentage of at least 20%. Half of the discount goes to the guest upon booking.


2. Your property is linked to nearby medical facilities:

Your property is added to our partnering medical facility profiles within 20 miles from your address.


3. You take room reservations

We recommend visiting guests to your and you book and confirm the reservation by email.

4. You accommodate the guests and get paid.

Guest check into your property, after checkout or at the end of the month you receive direct payment from us.

Now You Know All About Us!


Do I have to be a member to participate?

No, but you have to signup and create a user profile.

What is the process to get a recommendation?
Is it free?
What standard does hotel have to meet to be recommended?
Can a hotel delisted if they don’t meet the standard.
Does per diem rate apply?
Do I pay when a room is hold?
Is there a cancellation fee?
How much is the cancellation fee?
Can I change a hotel after booking?
Can I book more then ten rooms?
Are rates Guaranteed?